Environmentally Friendly TPO Roofing Installations and Repairs

Thermoplastic olefin or TPO roofing material is a reflective single-ply membrane used in the commercial roofing industry, growing exponentially over the past few decades amongst roofing contractors. Flynn Canada Ltd. installs and repairs all leading roofing systems, including this heat reflective and environmentally friendly option in Edmonton, as well as their other 15 locations in Canada.

Your commercial roof withstands temperature changes, reflects harsh UV rays and heat in the summer months. It also must be completely waterproof for Edmonton’s colder winter months that are filled with rain and snow.

Flynn’s has a long history as a roofing company you can depend on for reliable that suit your needs as a building owner or building operator. Flynn Canada’s professional technicians can asses your TPO roofing annually or bi-annually to ensure any minor damages are repaired before an emergency occurs.

Considering a LEED roofing system for your commercial building?

At Flynn Canada, our engineer staff maintain LEED certifications for roof construction, offering our customers the latest in environmental roofing technology. Whether you have an existing roof system that must be maintained under LEED credit standards, or are interested with implementing a LEED roof system on your existing building, Flynn Canada has the experience and resources to manage your job.

If you are considering LEED practices on your commercial roof, there are several commercial roofing categories within the credit/rating system. These categories are described as:

Sustainable Site – materials must reduce the “heat island effect”, as ell meeting solar reflectance index guidelines (or have partially vegetated roofs).

Material and Resources – roofing materials consisting of recycled content, or extracted with geographic proximity to the build site.

Indoor environmental quality – the use of “low-emitting” roof building materials.




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Have Your Commercial TPO Roof Installed and Looked After With A Roofing Company You can Trust

With over 30 years of excellence in the commercial roofing, Flynn’s established products and services have enabled them to become a Member of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed Companies. All required supplies, including TPO roofing materials are on hand in Flynn Canada’s Edmonton Warehouse as well as their other 15 warehouse locations in the country. An Emergency 24 Hour hotline is also in place for any and every damages occurring outside of regular business hours.

Call Flynn Canada to have your TPO roofing installed today.

For Emergency roof leak repair or roof collapse repair call us 24 hours a day, toll free 1-587-315-0703.