Edmonton’s Emergency Metal Roof Installation And Repair Service

Flynn Canada’s Edmonton location, one of 16 locations across the country, has any and all metal roof materials necessary to provide the best and most efficient quality roofing systems in each of their warehouses, at all times. Sheet metal roofing materials are common resources used by roofing companies because of their durability in the toughest of weather elements. A few of these materials used for metal roofs include:

  • Pre-painted Steel
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel or Galvalume
  • Aluminum
  • Garnite
  • Garnadflex
  • Spray Applied Membrane

In addition to our access to a wide range of quality roofing materials, Flynn Canada has a depth of metal roofing experience when managing:

  • Cladding repairs
  • Flashing repairs
  • Roof maintenance for caulking seams




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Is Your Commercial Roofing Investment Important to Your Tenants and their Employees, Inventory and Equipment?

It is also important to Flynn Canada that your commercial roofing structure in Edmonton is maintained properly over time. With a preventative maintenance program in place, a highly qualified roofing technician can visit your location annually or bi-annually. Emergencies happen all the time, but with our inspection and assessment plan, Flynn can catch any minor damages in need of repair before they cause devastating problems down the line.

Metal Roofing costs, due to large scale repairs like roof collapse or roof leaks, are not in a commercial building owner’s budget. Ensuring that your roof is well maintained is another reason why Flynn Canada is a top member of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. Our focus isn’t solely placed on new roof installations and roof repair. We understand our client’s needs, we efficiently assess them, and provide leading quality service in all aspects of your roofing system maintenance and emergencies.

If you have an emergency and need Flynn’s experienced roofing technicians to your location as soon as possible, call our 24 hour Emergency hotline now.