Waterproof Membrane Roofs For Commercial Buildings

Flynn Canada Ltd. offers only the best quality roofing materials to ensure your roof is safe, durable, and long lasting. Liquid membranes and waterproof membranes can range from materials including rubber and liquid plastics. In Edmonton, we are faced with excessive amounts of moisture due to weather elements like rain along with our long and snowy winter months, which both put an incredible amount of pressure on your commercial building’s roof top.

Why Are Waterproof Membranes Essential to Your Existing Commercial Roofing System?

Waterproof membranes work to seal seams and cracks along your roof caused by the changes in temperature and the shrinking and expanding of your roof. In turn, a sealant helps to avoid roofing leaks throughout the months where moisture is most present here in Edmonton. Flat roof membranes are increasingly popular because of the build up and ponding a snowfall can leave behind. The application of a rubber roof membrane or waterproof membrane during the dry summer months in Edmonton can save a building operator a lot of money and time, acting as a very important precautionary and measure.




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While Flynn Canada is hard at work ensuring your commercial building’s safety and quality, there are still times when an emergency roofing repair becomes a sudden and very desperate problem. Flynn is devoted to their clients and understands that when you need to fix a roof it can be without a moment’s notice.

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