Built-up Roof Installation and Emergency Repair in Edmonton

A commercial roofing installation is a very important investment to building operators or building managers. At Flynn Canada in Edmonton, as well as our other 15 locations, we acknowledge the importance of safety, quality, experience, preventative maintenance, and time management. Each client’s needs are different from the next, and with 30 years of experience in exceeding expectation, our roofing company has only the highest trained employees, technicians, and top quality materials to provide the protection your commercial building deserves.

Are you looking to have a new roof installed on your commercial building?

Deciding which roofing system to apply to your building can cause you to look into many factors. A Built-Up Roof (BUR) uses a layered scheme and is one of the oldest most durable systems for it. Materials used in this process are either bitumen or asphalt set in between plies or layers of roofing felts. Because of its many layers, a Built-up Roof contributes added protection against harsh weathering agents, and makes for easier repairs for Flynn’s roofing contractors, and in turn, happy building operators.

In Edmonton we know the weather can bring with it many forces causing roof damage like and, such as ponding water or sagging. Built-up Roofs are ideal for such extreme conditions because of its ability to withstand over a longer period of time and wear than most other leading roofing systems, oftentimes only needing to repair top layers rather than having to remove and reinstall an entire portion or the entire roof.




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Looking for an odourless, cold applied roofing solution?

At Flynn we are sensitive to the needs and requirements of our clients. That’s why we provide odourless or cold applied roof constructions and roof repairs. If you represent a school, hospital, or other public institution, there is a possibility you may require the avoidance of open-flame, hot applications that may irritate tenants and visitors of your building. If so, call us at Flynn Canada for additional details on a roofing repair solutions that will not disrupt your building operations.

Do you have an existing Built-up Roof and need an Emergency repair?

It takes only as long as you picking up the phone and calling Flynn Canada’s 24 hour Emergency hotline to have a roofing technician sent to your location. Roofing emergencies don’t just happen during business hours, so we work around the clock to repair your commercial roofs at any hour of the day or night in Edmonton to have someone on your rooftop today.