Water Damage Can Cause A Roofing Emergency

Regular maintenance and precautionary evaluations of your commercial roofing system may not always prevent every kind of issue. Water damage is often bred by ponding or roof flooding due to intensive rainfall or melting snow, placing pressure on concentrated areas of your roofing structure. This leaves you with a problem that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

What Flynn Canada Ltd. is known for across the country, beyond their acclaimed service team and highly regarded training programs, is their ability to understand the needs of their clients. Our toll free 24-hour emergency roof repair service is in place so that we are as easily accessible, as we are qualified to treat your immediate needs, including roof flood restoration.

Other reasons to call Flynn’s emergency hotline are:

Flood damage can be avoided, in most cases, with. Our professional roof technicians in Edmonton will  inform you of how important it is for your business’ roof to be assessed regularly. Added expenses, such as a leaky roof are never in building manager’s outlined budget, but spending a little every once in a while will save you from losing sleep over extensive water damage that could have been caught early on.




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Flynn can help to speed up your insurance claim

If your commercial building’s roof is covered under an insurance policy, Flynn can help you speed up the process upon filing your roofing repair claim. When we send out a roofing technician for your repair, all aspects of the process are documented. Photographs of your roof damage can be taken and included in a complete roof damage report that you can submit to your insurance company, validating your claim and possibly eliminating their need to make an on-site visit (lengthening your claim period).

Contact Flynn Canada for your emergency roof repair work

With 16 industry leading warehouse locations across the country, Flynn Canada is never too far away for flood restoration, or other urgent roofing repairs. If you have a roofing emergency, now and we will send a team of experts your way.