Roof Snow Removal Edmonton Advice

In Alberta, and more so the Edmonton area, roof top snow can be a serious hazard for commercial building owners. During the winter and early spring seasons commercial, industrial, and agricultural roofs can begin to show leaking or complete collapse from the weight of snowfall. Ice build up on the outside of commercial buildings is not only a physical hazard for those walking by, but also a legal liability. Ice on the roofs also threatens the integrity of shingles and ice dams causing significant roof leaks.

Attempting to remove snow and ice from your commercial roof is very dangerous. Every winter there are deaths reported in relation to roof top snow removal. When facing heavy snow fall on your commercial roof, contact Flynn for commercial rooftop snow removal.




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Roof Snow Removal Tips and Ice Dam Tips

  1. When assessing your commercial roof for snow removal, never work alone.
  2. When removing snow from your roof, leave the last layer of snow on your roof to avoid roof damage caused a puncture.
  3. Gauge how much snow your roof can handle. Roof Weight Loads can vary from year to year. Contact our roof technicians at Flynn Canada if you are unsure of your commercial roof weight load and consider our services for roof snow removal in Edmonton.
  4. Remove roof top snow away from the parameter of your building’s foundation. This will help reduce the chance of foundation leaks and problems.
  5. Don’t use deicers on your roof. Salting your roof can damage your shingles or flat roof membrane. Also use great caution when using shovels to remove snow from your roof. Such shovels and ploughs can damage shingles and flat roofs.
  6. Only hire an Edmonton roof snow removal contractor, be sure they have Liability Insurance of at least 2,000,000.00 and they are WCB registered and request a WCB clearance letter that shows they are current.
  7. Inspect Your Attic – Ice dams on roofs can be caused by a problem in attic spaces. Poor ventilation trapping warm air in the attic. Inspect your air intake under the soffits and ensure that your insulation is not blocking the air intake. Also see whether your vapour barrier is properly sealed.

Contact Flynn for Roof Snow Removal Services in Edmonton

If you have concerns about your commercial or industrial roof in Edmonton this winter, call our roof specialists and consider our roof snow removal services. We provide affordable rooftop snow removal packages for local business, saving you the possibility of great expenses and liabilities in the event of a roof collapse from snow weight. Call us today.