Call us in Edmonton For Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

As the operator of a commercial building, you know that a leaking roof costs you money, and severe roof damage is a liability to your business. In Alberta, we experience some of the most severe temperature swings on the continent. These rapid changes, brought on by Chinooks and/or spring thaws, can cause snow, piled up on your rooftop throughout the winter, to pool and very quickly turn into a much larger problem, like a leaky roof, flooding, and even.

In times of emergency, you can rely on Flynn Canada Ltd. and our roofing technicians to respond at any hour of the day and night to address your roof leak repair.

Need a reputable roof leak repair company in Edmonton
that is also available 24 hours a day?

If you can’t sleep because of roof leaks, neither does Flynn Canada Ltd. As one of Canada’s top 50 Best Managed Companies with 30 years worth of team building and client satisfaction in the roofing industry, Flynn’s dedicated team of accomplished roof technicians is always on call to tend to the most urgent of situations. Our emergency roof repair hotline is available all hours of the day and night for your urgent need.

In Edmonton, we understand the issues that come with heavy snowfall and we offer several seasonal that suit our climate. Whether the snow is falling or thawing, remove the stress of a potential crisis and save your long term operating dollars. today for a complete roof assessment or set up a scheduled roof maintenance plan.




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Flynn can help to speed up your insurance claim

If your commercial building’s roof is covered under an insurance policy, Flynn can help you speed up the process upon filing your roofing repair claim. When we send out a roofing technician for your repair, all aspects of the process are documented. Photographs of your roof damage can be taken and included in a complete roof damage report that you can submit to your insurance company, validating your claim and possibly eliminating their need to make an on-site visit (lengthening your claim period).

Roof Leak Prevention

It is easy to forget about the problems we can not see, especially if you have a flat roof. While Flynn Canada responds to emergency flat roof leaks, they also provide complete snow removal service helping with the preventative roof maintenance to elongate the lifespan of your roofing system. Our service teams create custom prevention maintenance plans to suit your roofing requirements, meaning fewer leaks and alleviating the pressure from your roof and your pocket book.

If you have a leaky roof, there is no need to wait until morning. Call our Toll-Free 24 Hour Emergency Hotline at 1-587-315-0703