At Risk Of A Commercial Roof Collapse?

Call Our 24 Hour Hotline Roof Repair in Edmonton

There are varieties of events that can be associated with a roof collapse. However, most of the time such an occurrence can be avoided with annual or bi-annual roof inspections and scheduled roof maintenance programs. What you should know as a building manager or owner is that there is an exceptional commercial roofing company with 30 years worth of quality and safety experience in Edmonton, along with 15 other cities in the country.

What if your roof can’t wait?

Flynn Canada is the difference maker in commitment to client satisfaction and is fully qualified to tackle any of your right when you need us most. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, an emergency roof repair team is ready to respond to your urgent phone call.

While each client’s situation is always individual from the next, safety is one of our top and most important concerns. Our Edmonton roofing contractors go through extensive training so that an emergency roof repair is handled efficiently making roofing costs relative to our client’s final product. We understand that your building’s roof system protects tenants, supplies, and inventory; our job is to re-establish your structure to as good as new, if not better.




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How can Flynn Canada save you money?

Flynn Canada Ltd. provides preventative roof maintenance programs that can save your building operations time and money over the long-run. By having one of our trained professionals inspect your roof annually or bi-annually, you can avoid costly and leaks from. We also have a snow removal team to ease the pressure of Edmonton’s crude winter climate.

Sometimes, what you can’t see can really hurt you in the pocket book. With a Flynn, you have professional technicians handling the on-going work of snow removal, removing ice build up, and clearing drains. Ignoring these areas of your roof can result in rapid ponding and eventual flood damage. Added expenses such as a flooded, collapsed, or leaking roof are never in building manager’s annual budget. By simply spending a little on annual maintenance can save you from losing sleep over extensive water damage.

Have a roof repair technician assess your roof for emergency roof collapses at any hour, or for an assessment of your roof and to set up a preventative roof maintenance program. Contact us today.