Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs in Edmonton

Your commercial roof is an investment, and protecting your overhead, both literally and figuratively speaking, is as important as an initial roof installation. Flynn Canada has 30 years of experience with factors such as which can all be repaired for substantially less cost if found in the early stages.

Contact Flynn Canada Ltd. in Edmonton today to set up scheduled annual or bi-annual visits by our most professional roofing contractors in Edmonton. Ensure you are taking all of the preventative maintenance measures and avoid unfortunate roofing disasters that put your tenants, their business’s assets, and equipment at risk.




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What Advantages Will You See From Annual or Bi-annual Roofing Assessments?

Preventive roof maintenance through Flynn Canada allows our Edmonton professional roofers to catch small roofing concerns before your commercial building depends on larger scale procedures. Initiating a professional program plan in your establishment’s roofing system’s care means your roofing needs are met and kept up to safety standards all year round.

The benefits of implementing a preventative roof maintenance program diminishes the pressure your roof is under after a long winter of heavy snow build up, as we also offer complete snow removal. Have Flynn Canada on your roofs in the spring and fall to contribute to the lifespan and safety of your roofing system.

Is your commercial roofing system under a construction warranty? It likely is and, if so, a preventative maintenance program can ensure that you keep your warranty from becoming void.

Don’t wait until you have a roof related emergency. .