Facing Fire Damage On Your Commercial Roof?

Flynn Canada Provides Emergency Roof Repairs in Edmonton, AB

At Flynn Canada Ltd. in Edmonton, we are as proactive as possible with our roofing maintenance programs; however we are also aware that sometimes there are elements such as fire damage that occur without notice and require immediate attention. After such a disaster, a commercial roofing assessment must be carried out. You will require a with knowledge, expertise, and commitment to your urgency.

Don’t Wait For Business Hours
Call Our 24-Hour Emergency Roof Repair Hotline in Edmonton

The expediency of our quality technicians is only part of why Flynn is a top member of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada. There are roof repair teams working around the clock, because a, or other damages won’t wait for anything.

Once you call Flynn Canada, your commercial roof is assessed that same day or night. Estimates of roofing costs are reviewed so our roofing company can get service technicians working to get your commercial building back to the highest of safety and quality standards, as soon as possible.

Flynn can help to speed up your insurance claim

If your commercial building’s roof is covered under an insurance policy, Flynn can help you speed up the process upon filing your roofing repair claim. When we send out our top roofing contractors in Edmonton, all aspects of the process are documented. Photographs of your roof damage can be taken and included in a complete roof damage report that you can submit to your insurance company, validating your claim and possibly eliminating their need to make an on-site visit (lengthening your claim period).




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