Edmonton Roof Snow And Ice Removal

Edmonton Snow Removal For Commercial, Condominium, and Industrial Roofs

Every winter in Edmonton building managers face the issue of snow build up from heavy snowfall on their roofs. This equates into excessive roof weight loads and the formation of ice dams that can prevent proper drainage. This becomes ever more problematic when our region experiences warm breaks in our winters, which allow for thawing and snow melt, and then excessive temperature drops that freeze moisture in unwanted points of your roof structure. Damage from such circumstances is that much more apparent as we move toward our spring thaw. The outcome can seriously damage roofs, gutters, and blocked down spouts. There is also matter of blocked or damaged ventilation and airflow for condo building residents.

Why You Should Hire A Roofing Expert To Remove Snow From Your Condo Roof

Don’t hire just anyone to remove snow from your condo building’s roof. When you hire a roofing professional, they understand the type of roofing system you have in place, and what precautions must taken to ensure your roof is not damaged during the roof snow removal process.

Furthermore, building roof snow removal is a dangerous job with numerous risks and hazards for the contractors you hire. When you choose Flynn Canada for removing snow from your condo building’s roof, you know you are hiring a company with over 30 years in commercial and condo building snow removal, operating as a bonded company that has received numerous industry safety awards.

What to Expect from Roof Top Snow Removal Service?

Flynn Canada brings a premier level of building rooftop snow removal in Edmonton. As one of Canada’s 50 Best-Managed Companies, Flynn Canada provides their clients with technically trained roof specialist who can assess roof damage, as well as constructing a repair. Trust Flynn Canada to your scheduled building roof snow removal this winter and avoid causing damage to your building complex as we near the spring thaw.




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How much does rooftop snow removal cost for building complexes?

Our pricing of rooftop snow removal for buildings depends on the following details:

  • What is the size of your building’s rooftop?
  • What is the height of the roof?
  • What is the slope of your roof, or is it a flat rooftop?
  • What level of access do you provide to the rooftop?

Contact Us Today For Your Building Rooftop Snow Removal

Don’t risk the possibility to a roof collapse from over weighted snow pack, or the potential damage it may cost your condo board during the spring thaw. Call Flynn Canada and have our roof specialist provide your building with the most reliable roof top snow removal in Edmonton this winter.