Building Envelope Assessments in Edmonton, AB

When in charge of commercial building management, condo building management, or apartment building management, there is a long list of responsibilities that come with the role. People are constantly moving through your building, coming and going, and bringing wear and tear to doors, glass entrances, vestibules, and other facilities within your buildings. Your building’s roof, while it may not see much foot traffic, can also breakdown from Alberta’s extreme weather patterns. Even balconies, and balcony railings, can take a beating from occupants and failing to address these aspects of building wear can leave your building management group liable by occupants.

For these, and numerous other management issues, you require a building contractor that understands building envelope repair and scheduled building envelope maintenance. Because your buildings are constant and active environments, you can count on Flynn Canada to be professional and responsive to your roof repair and building envelope needs.

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At Flynn Canada we construct industrial, commercial, and residential buildings in Alberta, and nationally. We have over 30 years in the construction business and have won awards and recognition for the quality of our service and the safe manor in which our staff operate.

By having a building envelope assessment completed by Flynn Canada, you and your building management team have a roadmap and timeline that you can schedule around, and financially plan for, in the case of future repairs. When uncovering more serious and immediate issues, a building envelope assessment can save your building management company substantial costs in extended building damage.




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Roof Assessments And Building Envelop Repair in Edmonton

When talking about building renewal and building envelope repair your roof is a primary concern. Considering the potential for poor roof drainage, ice damming, roof leaks, and roof collapses, you need a roofing expert in Edmonton who can provide you with annual roofing assessments that can inform your building management company on the condition of your asset.

Roof damage escalates exponentially. When things are just a ‘little bit bad’ it doesn’t take that long to get to worse. And at that point you can be looking at exponentially growing expenses. Having an annual building envelope assessment or building roof assessment can give you a solid view of the building envelope maintenance path you have ahead of you, and let you plan for any exterior building envelop repair that is needed.

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Flynn Canada is a premier roofing and building contractor operating in Edmonton, Alberta. Call us today about building envelope assessments and commercial roof assessments to ensure the quality of your industrial, commercial, or condo structure.