Skylight Installers, Repairs,
And Replacements in Edmonton

When choosing to install skylights (or roof windows) in a residential or commercial building, choose a glass installation company that has a long-standing experience in roof building and roof repair in Edmonton. A skylight installation is complex and, if not done properly, can lead to future costs and damage to your roof and building interior. That’s why so many people choose Flynn Canada, and our decades of commercial and residential construction experience, as their choice for skylight installation and skylight repair in Edmonton. We don’t just offer window glazing. We also specialize in roof construction. Our expert technicians know exactly what solution will work for your window installation needs.

You Have Choices When Installing Skylights or Roof Windows

Single Glazed Skylight Installations

Single glazed skylight installations should only be used in unheated structures such as open warehouses, or smaller storage facilities. Single glazing skylights are made from quality acrylic or polycarbonate materials, framed in either 16-gauge aluminum or 92-16 gauge galvanized steel. Window installation is possible for a very wide range of flat and slanted roofs.

Double Glazed Skylight Installations

As the most common of skylight installations, double glazed skylights provide a thermal insulation barrier, preventing condensation and moisture within the building. Similar to our single glazed skylight windows, our double glazed skylight windows are made from high quality acrylic or polycarbonate glazing products. When facing extreme temperatures, as we do in Alberta, this is the mandatory minimum for any closed building construction.

The framing for double glazed skylights is a required upgrade from the single glazed solution, as it provides insulation. Our frames are built from 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy, with an insulation core that separates the outer and inner portions of the skylight’s frame. Frames are also constructed with a continuous weld, preventing roof leaks as well as retaining a building’s heat. Obviously, this contributes to a building’s overall energy efficiency.

Triple Glazed Or Energy Efficient Skylights

With the cost of energy on the rise, more and more residential and commercial buildings are looking toward greater options for energy efficient window installations. At Flynn, we recognize the need for such energy efficient windows and provide customers with a variety of energy efficient skylights. Very similar to our double glazed windows, our energy efficient triple glazed windows offer approximately 50% greater insulation, directly impacting the energy retention within your building. This is all the more important when constructing in extreme climates such as Alberta. Ask about our Energy Star window glazing products for your skylight installation, as well as additional applications such as glass doors, glass windows, window glazing wall panels, bolted glass installation, glass flooring, and glass interior surfaces.




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Custom Skylight Installation in Edmonton

Does your building require a unique roof window installation? Our experience in roof construction provides our clients with the opportunity to request custom skylight installations that do not generically exist in the market or inventory of other window installation companies in Edmonton. If you need above average sizing for roof windows, skylight UV tinting, curved or bubble glass skylights, our window glazing technicians can help.

Skylight Repair in Edmonton

If you have a leaking skylight, a leaking roof, or both, Flynn Canada is your number one choice for skylight repair in Edmonton. Our company brings decades of roof construction and repair experience to your roof emergency. We will be able to quickly assess whether there is an issue with your skylight, or your roof, and provide you with a quality glass solution, on-site. We don’t just install and repair skylights. We also build and repair roofs for all types of residential and commercial structures. So call our expert team of roof and glass repair specialists in Edmonton, 24-hours a day at 1-587-315-0703.

The Risks Of Ignoring Skylight Damage

In most cases, emergency skylight glass repair in Edmonton revolves around extreme weather: severely low temperatures, hail damage, and rain. When faced with the damage of any of these causes, the occupants and assets of a commercial or residential building are immediately at risk from leaking water, dropping temperatures, and major interior damage (wood floors, inventory, furniture, etc.). You need a 24-hour glass repair or window glazing repair team in Edmonton that can act right away.

Neglecting to repair a cracked or leaking skylight, or roof window, can lead to personal injury and serious property damage. Building managers and retail operators are held responsible for avoiding such situations. Failing to do so can lend to civil or personal injury cases against your building and management company.

Call Our Professional Skylight Installation And Repair Team in Edmonton

Flynn Canada is Edmonton’s leading service provider for 24-hour emergency skylight repair and emergency window glazing repair. We bring decades of industry experience in roof construction, giving our customers unmatched resources and experience for skylight installation and skylight repair. Trust our glass repair team in Edmonton to visit your building, solving your skylight repair matter quickly. Call us, 24-hours a day, at 1-587-315-0703.