Retail Glass Repair And Storefront Glazing Installation

If you are running a retail space in Edmonton, you need to make the most out of the hours your business is open, and you need to provide an inviting and safe environment for your customers. If you have glass doors, glass counter tops, mirrors, glass displays, glass staircases, or retail store windows that require repair, it has an impact on your ability to convert shoppers.

Custom Glass Storefronts And Custom Mall Storefronts

Looking to update your indoor or street-side retail space with a glass façade? Our professional storefront window glazing service can provide your retail location with a modern glass aesthetic that will showcase your products and draw foot traffic. Whether you require a custom glass storefront installation, or your need a custom mall storefront for an interior location, Flynn Canada can provide you with the retail window glazing solution that suits your retail needs.




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Repairing Retail Glass vs The Risk and Liabilities

There are also liability risks that come with the failure to repair glass damage. If you have exposed glass material within your retail space, you are providing a hazard that can leave you legally liable. Cracked mirrors and unsecured bolted glass panels can become unfastened from their installations, falling on customers. Sharp edges on glass counter tops, glass doors, and glass displays can leave risk to customers cutting themselves. This is all the more important if walk-in retail customers bring children to your storefront.

There is also the public risk you face when you neglect to repair broken or chipped glass doors, glass storefront windows, or bolted glass exteriors. Exposed and broken glass not only creates a security threat that can void your insurance, if neglect is proven by your insurance company, but passers by who are potentially harmed by exposed materials of your retail space have a case for personal injury suit.

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We have decades of industry experience constructing retail spaces in the Alberta and the national market. We have the scale and resources to give you the best glass repair solutions and the best prices. Trust our retail glass repair team in Edmonton to visit your retail space, solving your glass repair matter quickly. Call us, toll free, at 1-587-315-0703