Offices Building Glass Repair

If you own or manage a commercial office building in the Edmonton, the safety of the occupants in your buildings is paramount to all other responsibilities. If you have broken, damaged, or chipped window glazing, glass doors, bolted glass, or interior surfaces (stair rails glass), these installations must be repaired immediately. Losing renters to needed aesthetic repairs can happen quickly but can be avoided by simply receiving an estimate from Flynn’s commercial glass repair team in Edmonton.

The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

Renters and occupants of your commercial buildings rely on your building’s aesthetics and safety to secure the business they conduct within your commercial space. Unlike residential rental agreements that are short-term, commercial leases demand a long commitment and a great deal of consideration on the part of the renter. If you are having difficulty leasing available space in your building(s), give consideration to the state of the interior and exterior glass surfaces. Un-repaired chips, scratches, and cracks are immediate red flags for professionals looking for a commercial space to bring their clients.

There is also the public risk you face when you neglect to repair broken or chipped glass doors and glass storefront windows. Exposed and broken glass not only creates a security threat that can void your insurance, if neglect is proven by your insurance company, but a danger to passers by who are potentially harmed by exposed materials of your commercial building. These situations lend themselves to personal injury cases against your building.




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We are Edmonton’s leading commercial glass repair company. We bring decades of industry experience in constructing commercial buildings similar to yours. We know exactly how such buildings are constructed so we know how commercial glass repairs are to be handled. Flynn Canada brings the scale and resources to give you the best glass repair solutions and the best prices. Trust our commercial glass repair team to visit your building, solving your glass repair matter quickly. Call us, toll free, at 1-587-315-0703