Glass Repair For Apartments & Condos

If you manage a condo complex or apartment building in Edmonton, your highest responsibility is the safety and security of the individuals living in your building(s). Glass installations such as glass doors, glass vestibules, front entrance windows, security glass windows, and interior structures (i.e. glass staircases) must be kept in complete and undamaged form. Furthermore, as a provider for secured living, you need a glass repair company in Edmonton that can provide you with 24-hour response to damages caused on your property. That’s why more condo management companies and apartment managers choose Flynn Canada’s glass repair team for 24-hour residential glass repair in Edmonton. Just call us at 1-587-315-0703.

Condo Front Entrance Repair and Glass Vestibule Replacement

The front entrance to your condo complex is the highest traffic point in your entire building. With residence constantly entering and leaving the building, glass doors and glass wall structures can take a great deal of abuse. There are also the monthly movers, taking furniture in or out, for new or leaving residents. This can leave the need for cracked glass repair and, in some cases, the replacement of entire glass vestibules.




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Building Management Requires Rapid Response

In residential rental environments there are few quiet points in the day. People are constantly in and out of a condo or apartment setting, at all hours. That means damage, breeched security, and harm can happen at any time. You need a window repair and/or glass repair company in Edmonton that picks up the phone whenever you call. That’s why Flynn Canada offers customers our service hotline, 24-hours a day.

There is also the public risk you face when you neglect to repair broken or chipped glass doors and secured glass entrances. While there is cause for concern with unwelcome individuals entering a secured residential complex, there are also serious concerns for personal injury, especially when there are children or pets involved. Renters hold building managers responsible for avoiding such situations. Failing to do so can lend to civil or personal injury cases against your building.

Call The Professionals For Condo and Apartment Glass Repair in Edmonton.

We are Edmonton’s leading commercial glass repair company. We bring decades of industry experience constructing residential complexes similar to yours. We know exactly how such buildings are constructed so we know how commercial glass repairs are to be handled. Flynn Canada brings the scale and resources to give you the best glass repair solutions and the best prices. Trust our commercial glass repair team to visit your building, solving your glass repair matter quickly. Call us, toll free, at 1-587-315-0703