Commercial Glass Door Repair

If you run a business or a commercial building, the front door is the first point of contact for anyone doing business with you, or those leasing from you. If it’s a glass door and it’s cracked, chipped, scratched, or damaged, you need to call our glass door repair specialist in Edmonton immediately. Flynn Canada has an entire team dedicated to window glazing repair and glass door repair, available on a 24-hour basis.

We Provide Several Glass Door Installation Options

We understand that your brand is important. Our installations allow for glass doors, storefront windows, and glazing panels to be imprinted with your business’ name, logo and other information. If your location is often subject to extreme weather or high crime, we also have additional options for safety and security grade glass:

  • Fire-resistant and bullet-resistant glass
  • Hurricane-impact safety glass
  • Tempered safety glass




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The Risks Of Ignoring Glass Door Damage

The doors of your business are probably the most heavily used points of your building. Regardless of whether they are interior or exterior doors, you need to provide a safe, clean, and secure environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Calling Flynn for a glass door repair, or glass door replacement, is easy and quick. Believe it or not, it could save your business a great deal of money.

Neglecting to repair a broken or chipped glass door can lead to injury and security gaps. While there is cause for concern with unwelcome individuals entering a secured building, there are also serious concerns for injury relating to broken or chipped glass. Building managers and retail operators are held responsible for avoiding such situations. Failing to do so can lend to civil or personal injury cases against your building and management company.

Call The Professionals. Glass Door Replacement And Repair in Edmonton.

Flynn Canada is Edmonton’s leading service provider for commercial glass repair and window glazing repair. We bring decades of industry experience in building commercial and retail spaces, so we understand how a commercial space functions, and we know how glass door repairs are to be handled. Flynn Canada controls quality resources for glass repair and window glazing repair, giving you the best glass repair solutions. Trust our commercial glass repair team in Edmonton to visit your building, solving your glass door repair matter quickly. Call us, toll free, at 1-587-315-0703