Custom Window Installation and
Window Glazing Repair In Edmonton

Commercial Glazing Repair and Window Installation In Edmonton

Flynn Canada offers window-glazing service, Alberta-wide, for commercial and residential buildings. Our window glazing installation specialists install, repair, and maintain window glazing systems and products for our customers. Accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency hotline can put you in touch with an expert window technician immediately following an incident where there has been damage from weather, vandalism, or and accident.

Storefront Window Glazing Repair and Installation In Edmonton

At Flynn we provide our commercial customers with our 24/7 emergency hotline for our window glazing services in Edmonton. We understand the immediate need for a building to be safe, and secure, as soon as possible. If you operate a retail space, or manage a commercial or residential building, Flynn Canada is your window repair and installation partner in Edmonton. Call us as soon as there is an emergency so we can help you as soon as possible.

Commercial Building Window Maintenance In Edmonton

Flynn Canada offers window maintenance solutions for commercial and residential building managers. Working with your management group, Flynn Canada can provide a comprehensive window service plan that can include a full building assessment for your windows and roof structure. Such window maintenance solutions can:

  • Keep a building compliant with ever-changing building codes
  • Assist in lowering monthly heating costs
  • Assist in lowering building insurance (security and water damage)
  • Maintain the value of the building asset.




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Complex Bolted Glass Installation in Edmonton

Flynn Canada is a national expert in the installation, repair, and replacement of sophisticated bolted, point-fixed, and bonded glass systems such as glass balustrades. Such window glazing is also known as Spiderglass. With decades of experience in the commercial and residential construction industry, Flynn Canada brings an unmatched array of resources when considering interior or exterior glass systems. Our work in the private and public sector give us the long-standing status as one of Canada’s premier bolted-glass and bonded glass installers.

Curved Glass Installation and Repair in Edmonton

When considering the aesthetics of a commercial or residential complex, curved glass is a very attractive design option, but it requires the experience of an expert glass installation team. Often, there need to be a number of considerations when choosing this design option. Is the curved glass surface accessible to the public? Does the curved glass require tempering, lamination, or double-glazing for energy efficiency?

If you are considering a curved glass solution, call Flynn Canada and our window glazing installation team for the best products, construction, and maintenance in Alberta.

Managing Public Events, Vandalism, and Extreme Weather Events

If your building is situated in a high traffic area, it is subject to the potential damage caused by individuals at public events such as protests and street parties. In these circumstances there are measures you can take to protect windows from graffiti and general vandalism. Simply applying window film to your exterior windows is a cost-effective measure for removing such damage. In major public events, or extreme weather events, you can also contact our window glazing service in Edmonton for having your windows boarded-up to protect against serious damage caused by the public. Implementing such window protection measures can create long-term savings on your insurance claims.

Technical Glazing Services In Edmonton

As a major building contractor in Canada, Flynn Canada has extensive experience working directly with architects and other contractors when designing and installing custom window glazing installations, accommodating the custom window needs of our clients. Aside from custom glass exteriors, Flynn Canada can also accommodate interior glass installation such as: structural glass extensions, glass staircases, glass balustrades, bolted glass installations, glass doors, and glass flooring.