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Canadian Diabetes Association

For many years we have maintained a strong partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) which is searching for a cure to a disease that touches over two million Canadians, including Flynn staff and their family members. Employees participate on a national level through a variety of CDA fundraisers and activities including Team Diabetes marathon events, draws, sports tournaments and much more.


The generosity of Flynn employees combined with Flynn Canada Ltd.’s matching program for donations allowed us to raise $89,163.11 for the Canadian Diabetes Association in 2009. We wish many thanks upon all who donated their time, effort and money to help us beat our previous years’ amount of approximately $75,000. Events for the 2010 fundraising season have already proven to be a success with the draw for Alberta beefsteaks raising $2,535. Keep an eye on further events to follow this year both at your branch and nationally.


We have received a number of applications for Flynn’s Community Commitment Donation (CCD) and we would like to thank all those who have nominated a cause. Since this is a new initiative, we have a couple items we would like to mention for future nominations. The CCD will not be sponsoring individual fundraising efforts (i.e. marathons, bike-a-thons, etc.). This is because participants are collecting donations privately and generally in small amounts (i.e. $10, $20) and we do not want our donation to overshadow those equally valuable contributions. The CCD will also not be contributing to political or religious charities as donations are not meant to alienate individuals within the organization whose views are different. Please keep in mind to think locally and nominate a charity that means something to you personally. The CCD application forms can be accessed from the portal and also from your local HR rep or branch administrator. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to receiving your future nominations for the CCD. Congratulations to the first 2 organizations selected by the CCD committee to receive a donation from Flynn Canada Ltd. of $10,000 each.

Community Commitment Donations

In addition to continued fundraising efforts for the Canadian Diabetes Association, Flynn Canada Ltd. has committed to donating $100,000 annually to charities, causes and organizations that directly support the communities of the employees! Each month, the committee will select an organization to receive a donation from Flynn Canada Ltd. We would like to congratulate the first two organizations selected by the CCD (Community Commitment Donation) committee to receive a donation from Flynn Canada Ltd of $10,000 each.

First Step Wellness Centre (FSWC)

Edmonton Roof Repair

First Step Wellness Centre (FSWC) is nonprofit organization based out of Regina, Saskatchewan which received the first cheque for $10,000. FSWC is focused on optimizing the health and independence of those living with a spinal cord injury. FSWC aims to improve the quality of life for those living with a spinal cord injury through the integration of exercise-based recovery methods, education, and supportive services.

Parent Committee

Emergency Roof Repair

Parent Committee – École Dr. Marguerite Michaud École received the second cheque for $10,000 donation. Dr. Marguerite Michaud is located in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. The parent committee at École Dr. Marguerite Michaud believes that everybody should have a right to play and so they have been fundraising for the past 3 years to provide a new park at the school that has accessibility for people in wheelchairs, the blind, and those with severe autism.

Local Sports Teams

We also recognize the importance of physical activity and team-building for kids across Canada, and offer our support to local sports teams, who foster a sense of connection and community vital to our future. Take a look below for a sample of the teams we support

Leaking Roof Repair

Community Team Sponsorship

Flynn Canada is pleased to announce the roll-out of a local community team sponsorship program. We will be making a number of donations to local community teams across Canada. This program will be divided amongst our existing regions, with each region receiving a share of the funds. Employees are encouraged to submit the name of the community team of their choice to be eligible to receive this funding. Help us give back to the communities where we live and work by submitting your team’s name to your local Branch Manager.


We are very pleased to announce that scholarships were awarded to eight students this year. Each recipient received $5,000 to use towards their education at various academic institutions across Canada. We wish all the students all the best in their future education endeavours!!

Flynn Helps Ensure Kids Have a Merry Christmas

Water Damage Roof Repair

Flynn Canada is a proud supporter of the CHUM Christmas Wish, which distributes toys to those in need in the GTA as well as providing financial assistance to hundreds of social agencies. Pictured above are John McManus, Chief Operating Officer (right) and Marcel Perri, Vice President, Roofing Operations, Ontario Region (left) who dropped off the company’s donations. With generous financial donations and new unwrapped toys, the CHUM Christmas Wish services registered charitable organizations, social service agencies, churches, and community centres. In turn, these groups distribute the donations to individuals and families in need of a Merry Christmas.

Flynn Goes Green

As Flynn Canada continues its successful campaign in developing innovative ideas and processes toward cost savings and a greener planet, the IT department has been brought aboard to contribute. It is no secret that running over 500 computer terminals uses a lot of energy. In fact, it takes over 473,000 kilowatts to power our desktop computers, at an approximate annual cost of $38,000! To put this into perspective, 473,000 kilowatts is enough power to continuously run a 100 watt light bulb for almost five and half years! Flynn IT would like to take a chunk out of this power consumption, so they are asking that everyone turn off their monitors (only) at the end of the business day. How much of an impact will this make? If everyone turned off their computer monitor that would be an estimated annual savings of 106,000 kilowatts and $8,500. Many of our monitors go into a power saving mode, blanking the screen, but they still consume power. Please note: DO NOT turn off your computer at the end of the day – just your monitor. We still require it to run during the night to retrieve valuable updates that keep our business moving. Now that IT has joined the campaign to Go Green, we hope to develop more solutions that take a bigger bite out of the 473,000 kilowatts used by our computers. Lunch and Learns were recently conducted in the Toronto Branch and Corporate offices explaining the many benefits of carpooling. The meetings also allowed employees to meet fellow co-workers who live in their regions. Although employees were asked to come with an open mind on the topic, few could argue with the impact of such an endeavour. A few of the items that were considered included the various Ontario Car Pool parking lots along employee routes, financial savings to the employees, as well as the company, and last but certainly not least, the reduction of the employee’s personal carbon footprint. If you haven’t done so already, please visit and go to ‘Calculator’ to see your personal impact on the environment. Once you calculate your carbon footprint, you’ll be able to see the impact that your everyday habits and decisions have on the environment.