How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor In Alberta

Are you currently looking for a roofing contractor in Edmonton or Calgary? With the recent economic boom within the province of Alberta there have been plenty of vendors and contractors that just ‘pop up’ and roofing has been no exception to this phenomenon. Regardless of your need for metal roof installation, roof leak repair, or commercial roofing systems, there are numerous and relatively unknown contractors out there competing for your business. Some are nothing more than middle men who pass your contract on to a cheaper competitor, making a dollar off your business.

How Do I Identify Trusted Roofing Contractors In Edmonton?

As with any large construction commitment, there is the concern of a project going over budget, not being built to the promised spec, or incompletion. This often results in legal action – something every consumer wants to avoid.

Instead, consumers of Alberta roofing services need to focus on identifying a number of key points that every quality roofing contractor in Edmonton should provide.

Ensure Your Roofing Contractor Quality Workmanship Record.

The construction of a building’s roof is a complex process and requires a great deal of attention and quality workmanship. Your roof bears the load of extreme weather and wear from the elements and in Alberta a solid roof system is paramount for any size building.

Having said that, PVC roofs, membrane roofs, foam spray roofs, metal roofs are all complex installations that require the correct conditions and top quality roofing materials for proper application and installation. In hand with this, the staff working on your roof must have substantial training to handle such projects, as well as the proper workflow documentation to ensure the job has been done to spec. Request the protocol and workmanship documentation that will accompany your project. If this doesn’t exist, this is a concern on your roof installation.

Ask For Customer Referrals And Company’s History

When dealing with major construction projects and repairs such as roof repairs and roof installations, there is value in working with Alberta roof contractors that have a long-standing history of service to the industry, as well as a demonstration of managing a large scale of roof installations.

With a long-standing history comes a long list of former roof installation clients, or current clients who are using roof preventative maintenance programs. Any reputable roofing contractor in Alberta should be able to point to an array of satisfied roofing clients. If not, give their business a second thought.

Review A Roof Contractor’s Employment Policies and Awards

  • Where does the roofing contractor source their employees?
  • What level of training do staff receive for roofing skills and trades?
  • What level of on-site work safety training do they receive?

Working on a commercial, industrial, or condo roof can be a dangerous work environment that demands top skilled trades. You also want to ensure that the occupants of your building feel the roofing contractors are of professional conduct and appearance.

24-Hour Emergency Roof Repair Support

Major weather events, wear, and tear can occur with any building. When these unfortunate moments happen and there is an immediate need for repair to your roof, you want to know that you can reach the Edmonton roofing contractor that built your roof, any time. And furthermore, know they can attend to your building roof needs immediately with the appropriate staff and on-hand materials to handle your repair. Ask your tenders if they offer 24-hour emergency roof repair within their service and operations.

It’s Your Roof, And You Are Responsible

Make sure that your Edmonton roofing contractor is bonded, carrying Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and General Liability Insurance that covers the contractors trades and activities while on your property. Always qualify your choice of roofing contractor by assessing their insurance coverage, and cross reference this with your insurance company to confirm you are legally covered in the event of an on-site accident.

Always Question The Lowest Bid

If a particular roofing contractor’s bid is noticeably low, question this roofing contractor about their bid assessment. Bids that are approximately 20% below the average bids may be cutting costs with skilled labour, quality of roofing materials, or simply inexperienced in the trade. It can be safe to assume that savings gained on a bid that is more than 20% below the par bids will cost the property owner significantly more in repairs and patch working within the early years of a roof’s lifespan.

Contact Flynn Canada For A Competitive And Experienced Bid

If you need a roof repair, roof installation, or roof assessment made on your condo, commercial building, or industrial space, contact our roofing experts in Edmonton. Our roof technicians can answer questions you may have about collecting project tenders, and the services our company provides.

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Posted on January 17th, 2013