Roof Failure Tragedy in South Korea

The National Post has reported that in Seoul, South Korea, the roof of a resort auditorium collapsed during a welcoming ceremony for South Korean university freshmen. The roof failure is responsible for killing nine people and trapping as many as ten more, officials said. Among the fatalities were seven students and one adult; the ninth fatality could not be identified. The media outlets in South Korean reported that the heavy snowfall was believed to have caused the collapse. The investigation is ongoing.

In addition to the nine killed, there were another 80 people taken to emergency hospitals with minor injuries. The heavy snowfall and icy roads complicated rescue operations. The emergency staff on the scene rescued 17 people that were deemed to be seriously injured at the time of the rescue, but later the injuries were determined to be less serious than originally feared. Official reports indicated that, “many of the students managed to get out of the building by themselves.”

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Posted on March 28th, 2014