Polysteel Atlantic Workers Wait After Roof Collapsed

35 employees of a manufacturing company in Sydney, Australia are without work after being sent home following a major roof collapse. The company manufactures high-tensile synthetic rope, including a uniquely designed rope meant for the fishing industry. The 100,000-square-foot facility was built in 1990 and currently has no power, no water and no machinery in the building

Sean Burke, the general manager of Polysteel Atlantic Ltd. said: “We believe it was a collapse caused by heavy snowfall and excess weight on the roof.” Fortunately there was no one was hurt in the incident. The roof collapsed early in the morning and as Burke said, “we were closed down because of the weather, so there was nobody on the premises.”

Structural engineers are evaluating the inside of the building to assess the damage and necessary repairs. At this point it has not been decided how soon the company will fix the partially caved-in roof and return to normal operations. However, “We’re going to be back in operation. There’s no question about that,” Burke said.

The general manager stated: “Our goal right now is to get the damaged part taken out as quickly as possible so we can do a full assessment of the equipment.”

It remains to be determined to what extent the insurance company can help. The insurance provider is now preparing an estimate for the repair timeline. Although in the meantime, the employees are not permitted on the site until it has been deemed safe to resume operations.

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Posted on May 30th, 2014